The Internet sparked a revolution in the research field. Now you can gather extremely valuable information about customers, employees, users, etc., in a much more efficient way. Anybody can create, design, and conduct information-rich studies with

Some of the advantages of online research:

Low cost. It is no longer necessary to hire interviewers, nor use paper to obtain data.
Speed.  Results are obtained in REAL TIME
Precision.  Errors in data input eliminated
Quality and reliability.  Intermediaries are eliminated (and thus any possible bias). Each respondent participates at a time convenient for them, not for the interviewer. Therefore, the quality of the responses vastly improves. Interactive nature  This medium offers the advantage of including multimedia elements inconceivable in offline research.
Great scope.  Allows you to interview a segment of the population who are difficult to reach through traditional methods.
Good monitoring.  It’s possible to observe trends in the response, given that the data is automatically processed and displayed graphically.
Easily create surveys and get the responses that you need.