Human Resources

Work environment
360-degree evaluation
Exit interview
Candidate assessment
Job performance evaluation
Employee satisfaction

Marketing & Sales

Customer satisfaction (service)
Customer satisfaction (product)
Customer service satisfaction
Price test
Product name test
Product test
Advertising efficiency
Customer satisfaction with technical support
New service launch
New product launch

Websites & Portals

Visitor profile
Image and positioning
Visitor satisfaction (general)
Visitor satisfaction (e-trade)
Satisfaction with customer service (e-trade)
Content survey (newspaper or digital journal)
Cancellation of service/newsletter/bulletin survey


Hospital patient satisfaction survey
Restaurant customer satisfaction survey
Bank Branch customer satisfaction survey
Hotel and/or country apartments satisfaction
Holiday/Trip planning
Party planning
Satisfaction with car salesroom
After-sales service - salesroom


Job application - Inserting CV
Form for website databases
Extended form for website databases
Form for exhibition

General Interest

Political information
Perception of violence
Voting intentions - General elections
Voting intentions - Local elections
Sex survey

Academic Institutions

Teacher evaluation
Course evaluation
Student satisfaction
Teacher satisfaction


Meeting feedback
Event planning
Service cancellation
Subscription cancellation
Invitation +profile + thanks
Event evaluation


Internal training and professional development
Workshop assessment
E-learning course assessment


Shareholder survey
Volunteer satisfaction
Volunteer recruitment